Senin, 30 Juli 2012

Rainmeter - Akiyama Mio Nendoroid Calendar

Salah satu skin rianmeter yang imut, ak menemukannya di kazasou sama, mungkin buat kalian penggemar K-ON skin ini sangat menarik untuk di miliki, ok langsung aja tidakperlu basa basi

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  1. Hi. This is Xcyz from TheBlackListProject.

    I believe that this is a work of mine (based from Souza's) that has been posted in the following link:

    I could've been flattered, you know. Yet I honestly feel offended that you, whoever you are, have used MY work on your site without even crediting me whatsoever, and I find that offensive.

    This post is to request the webmaster (whoever person running this blog) to have myself credited -- if not, have this post removed for obvious reasons.


    Koko Xcyz

    PS: Just how much of our work did you post here without credits? Ever heard of "entiquette"?
    And no, I am not a bot.